Make Your Dream House

Dharma Architects was a building design and construction company that was established in 1997. We started to give design and build services for residents, commercials and industrial for all small and big scale of projects. 

Dharma Architects have become an intregated building construction company that strives to give the best service, quality and performance as customer satisfaction is our priority


1. Structural design and build

2. Interior design and build

3. Rendering

4. Architectural consultation

5. Building management


As we are an integrated company, we would be able to provide you the best services and quality for your dream home as 90% of the materials are supplied by our subsidiary and our supported partners which would make us to be able to provide you the best standard of quality and services as all of our services and materials are under our company’s quality control standardization.

Our team would provide you with best design we could achieve based on our customer’s wants and desire which gives our customers more freedom to customize their house so that they would be able to achieve their dream home based on their own style and desire.

With our professionality and experience we have been able to gain more than 100 customer’s satisfaction and help create their dream home come true as customer satisfaction is our priority.


"I have known Dharma Architects for a long time and have trusted them to build my entire private residents. This is my second private residents that I built with Dharma Architects and I am very satisfied with the design and quality of the construction provided."
"From the first time I got to know Dharma Architects, I immediately got along with them because they were able to bring my tastes and desires into my dream house. I am also very satisfied by their very good and friendly customer service. Thank you for making my dream home come true."
Mr. Ahi
"When I was first given the design results from Dharma Architects, I immediately fell in love with their work because they were able to make me a result that was beyond my expectations. I am also very satisfied with the customer service and quality of development they provide. Now they have become my trusted contractor and have helped to realize a dream house for my whole family. Thank you Dharma architects."


Jl. Danau Sunter Utara
Blok B 36 A No. 13,
Jakarta Utara